The Drežnica Carnival, where the unmarried boys participate, is one of the more known Carnivals in Slovenia. The Drežnica Carnival is a very old traditional Carnival of pagan origin. The wooden masks are carved out by the boys themselves thus passing the lively cultural heritage on from generation to generation.

Ta Lepi and Ta Grdi (the Pretty Ones and the Ugly Ones) that lure locals and numerous visitors outdoors form a procession with various other masks and bring happiness and joy to the inhabitants.

Ta Lepi (the Pretty Ones) visit every house in the village and wish the locals all the best by dancing and making music and are given gifts by locals in form of treats and money in return. During the event various other masks keep on entertaining visitors.

The most typical masks of the Drežnica Carnival – Ta Grdi (the Ugly Ones) chase children and sprinkle them with ashes. This unique custom can be seen on Shrove Saturday in Drežnica and a week prior to that in Drežniške Ravne.


The First World War has profoundly marked the places along the Soča River. The Web Pot Miru Trail (Walk of Peace), which runs through a former battlefield, also stops at the Outdoor Museum Zaprikraj where restored positions of Italian army are located that silently display the horrors of the war. One-of-its-kind monument is also the military chapel on the Planica Hill, past which a connecting trail runs toward the Krn Village.

Circular trail through Koseška korita (Koseč Gorge) has been made along the tracks that had already been used by our ancestors and runs past numerous waterfalls of the Stopnik Stream and offers a genuine relaxation in the harbour of forest and offers rest at the energy points as well. To hike the circular trail two hours, including stops are needed.

Alpe Adria Trail is an international project that connects the Grossglockner with the Adriatic Coast. The trail runs through Austrian part of the Carinthia Region, through Kranjska Gora into the Soča Valley and from there through the Venetian Slovenia to Brda Hills and through the Italian and Slovenian Karst to Trieste. The trail leads to one of the most beautiful stages on this route called Drežnica along the left bank the Soča River going from Bovec and continues its way from the village on the Walk of Peace Trail over the Planica Hill to the Mountain pasture Kuhinja, where it descends through the Krn Village into Tolmin.

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